Stephen Lettoo talks about task his replacement faces after resignation

• The Citizen TV journalist announced his resignation as Men‘s Conference chairman this week.

Stephen Letoo

Stephen Letoo has announced his resignation as the Mens Conference Chairman. He informed Kenyans in a  video at the Airport that he had cut short his honeymoon to address Kenyans over a pertinent issue

"With regard to the leadership of the men's conference that I have been leading as Chairman. After soul searching, I have been seeing what has been happening online and I have arrive at the decision to step down as the Chairman of the men's conference.

"I have therefore tendered my resignation to the office of the men's conference based in Nairobi, and I will cease holding that office with immediate effect. This decision has been arrived at after a wide soul searching and consultations with my friends and allies, within and outside the country," he said about relinquishing the seat.

"And I have allowed my members to seek a replacement for the time being. For now, I can tell my members that I will be available for any consultation," he said while indicating it was not easy filling the shoes of the predecessor.

"It was a very difficult decision to fill mzee Kibor's shoes, and I can assure my members that it will be even more difficult to fill Stephen Letoo's shoes," he declared about the post not being for the faint-hearted.

He called on his replacement to continue championing the rights of the boy child but he will still remain a member of the men's group. Letoo has held this position for almost one and a half years. 

The media personality's glamorous public wedding took place on 20th April, at the Ole Ntimama Stadium. The dress code was of course Massai, an ode to his tribe.

However, Kenyans took note that as the polygamous man he was, he only said 'I Do' to one woman.

That was the beginning of lamentation from men that he wasn't true to his word. There arose pressure to resign from his post the Chairman.

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