Actress Trisha Khalid denies dating Flaqo

• The Becky series actress and Flaqo have been doing collabo content creation

bakari and actress trisha
bakari and actress trisha

Kenyan actress Trisha Khalid has been creating content with Flaqo Raz and Crazy Kennar for the last few weeks.

The Becky series actress and Flaqo have been doing collabo content creation since February this year.

She has been sharing on her youtube channel, the content she has done with Flaqo's multiple characters, Bakari, Otiaa and Mama Otis.

The two men have done separately with Trisha, getting tongues wagging.One picture that Crazy Kennar shared of Trisha's curves on the passenger seat of his car (BELOW) amused netizens.

The speculation has been addressed by Trisha in an interview with Milele Fm's Ankali Ray

"Trisha shem shem. Mambo shem, unaendelea aje shem. "he began teasing her

"Nashukuru mungu alhamdulilahi." The actress told him.

He continued asking about her family

"Familia nzima?

To which she responded

"Everybody is fine. Naimbie"

He went on to inquire

"Sasa shem nikuulize we na Flaqo, what is popping? You guys are very close. Mpaka wambea wameanza kushuku sasa. "

She begged for clarity

"What do you mean? Explain hicho kitu umeniuliza nikuelewe"

He did just that

"Nasemaje, Nyinyi na Flaqo, kutoka muanze kufanya kazi pamoja, mume click sana, mpaka watu wameanza kushuku pengine, kuna mengien huko. "

She denied it

"Flaqo and I are just good friends and we are shooting content. Nothing else. Hakuna chocolate. Alafu nikuulize, sasa mtu yeyote ata luwa ana shoot content ...ama what do you mean"

The Radio Presenter defended his question

"It's the chemistry pia ikingiana sana you know you content creators are public figures, kuna maswali watu wanajiuliza ndio maana."

Trisha was firm about her and Flaqo

"No, no, no, we are just it's strictly content we are good friends, that's it"

Is she single?

"Hapana me I have a a man. I have somebody siko single. Who told you I am single? Wewe Ankali mimi niko na mwanaume."


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