All about 'TOXIC' Charles Ouda's last project before his death

• Charles Ouda died of 3rd February,2024.

• The cause of his death was never publicized.

The late Charles Ouda's last project was 'TOXIC'

Kenyan actress Jackie Matubia has revealed the project she and Charles Ouda were working on before his death.

Charles died on 3rd February 2023, hours after sending Matubia the third episode of the show Telenovela Toxic which is to air soon.

In an interview with Mungai Eve, Matubia revealed the impact Ouda's death had on her.

"He (Charles Ouda) wrote the first three episodes of TOXIC.

He sent the third episode the day he died.

That hit me because I was like what am I supposed to do now that he is not here?

Charles Ouda
Image: Instagram

Jackie added

"He told me to push and that he would write another show once am done with this TOXIC.

It took me time to open the third episode of Toxic. He sent it in the Morning, we met during lunchtime, He died that night.

TOXIC is a show based on different people's experiences.

"On Sunday he was to send me four, and on Monday he was to send me episode 5.

We had to look for a script writer like him, it's been a journey.

It was tough, I remember when I went to view his body I even talked to him. It was the toughest two weeks of my life.

After his burial I decided not to let his dream die, He would push you."

She added

"I was going through my breakup when I started acting in Salem, so I and I were not friends.

He would hold me and assure me he got me. I would forget line because of the things I was going through in my life."

TOXIC will premiere on April 17th 2024.

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