I gave up working abroad to be close to my daughter- Baha on single fatherhood

• As a single dad, he described it as a journey that is not easy, but enjoyable nonetheless.

tyler mbaya aka baha machachari
tyler mbaya aka baha machachari

Baha of Machachari aka Tyler Mbaya is on a self-discovery journey, and will not be on your TV screens anytime soon.

He has been part of our TV family for over 14 years and has taken time away to do other things.

"My career trajectory right now I am chasing something that's either challenging or a catapult to the next level"

The former child actor shared his life journey in a new interview with the Dialogue Dive YouTube show and is looking forward to a regional or international show.

In the meantime, he is raising his daughter Astra Nyambura. 

As a single dad, he described it as a journey that is not easy, but enjoyable nonetheless.

"Fatherhood is a rollercoaster," he said 

He grew up without a father for ten years, so he made a promise to make things different for his offspring.

"My dad was always sorting out all things needed, but I feel like being around your kid more you can get to be their friend. Me trying to be so much in my kid's life, those dads who put in that effort it's not easy"

He wants them to become friends and his daughter should know she can rely on him

"Nikiamua nikisema it's until my last breathe kukuwa close to my kid, nita try everything"

He spoke about what he has sacrificed to become a present dad

"So that's why I opted out of options like going overseas kuhustle. Being close to your kid at their tender age is something that you should fight for a lot."

Nonetheless, he described it as a fun journey "And I love it coz I'm learning unconditional love. "

As a parent, he decided to introduce her to social media. He said that it brings with it criticism and hate that comes with it.

"You are going to face it whether social media or kwa ground. so you just learned o channel that hate and those stones they are throwing, you use them"


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