Miss Trudy- Insecurity made me stop watching my husband's videos

• Miss Trudy is married to Ghanian Youtuber Wode Maya.

• She has since overcome her insecurities.

Wode Maya and Miss Trudy
Image: Instagram

Kenyan Youtuber Miss Trudy says she was very insecure when she started dating her now husband and fellow Youtuber Wode Maya.

Trudy who now lives in Ghana with her husband says she would cry over messages unknown people would send her.

"When e started dating I used to cry a lot, I used to be so stressed because people would send me screenshots of him hugging other women.

They would ask If I noticed the passion my husband was hugging the women with. "

So bad was the insecurity that Trudy stopped watching her husband's videos.

"I used to be all over the place, I would watch a video and cry.

He would come home and I would be crying. I would show him the videos and he would tell me he di nothing wrong.

I used to be so depressed. It got to a point where I stopped watching his videos."

The beauty recently  used her Instagram page to complain about women who have been in her hubby's DMs trying to hit on him.

What's worse is that those women are ready to fight Trudy for her West African man!

"How should we deal with women who are ready to fight other women for their husband???! 🤔 You thirsty girls in the DM have no shame! 😂" she wrote on her feed while attaching a screenshot.

The aggravating screenshot read,

"Hi Wodemaya. My name is Anyiko; from Kenya. Just checking if you are married or have a girlfriend. If yes, can she fight?"

Her many followers responded with cheeky and hilarious comments on the quagmire that she was facing with such bold women.

Trudy married Wode, whose real name is Berthold Kobby Winkler Ackon, aged 33, at a traditional wedding ceremony held in Western Kenya in September 2022, following years of courtship.

Their paths first crossed in Ethiopia, where Wode had extended an invitation to fellow YouTubers for a meetup.

Miss Trudy responded to the call, and their relationship blossomed after their initial enco

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