Why Miss Trudy's husband knows she will provide if he goes broke

• The couple wed in 2022, in what was described as a simple wedding.

• They won't have children immediately.

Wode Maya and Miss Trudy
Image: Instagram

The Wode Mayas are loved by their legion of fans as they take them on journeys across the world as travel bloggers.

The couple wed in 2022, in what was described as a simple wedding.

In a new revealing interview with content creator The KSM show, Wode Maya discloses that they spent 1,000 dollars for their nuptials.

"It's been an amazing relationship. We got married with just 1k dollars. It's just us investing in ourselves "

He explained he prefers to invest in their marriage, not weddings.

"We did what we had to do because marriage is between families. It's not between people that we dont know, coming to eat your food and go home. I have invested alot in terms of us. Like we invest in things that really matter"

They began dating officially when he asked Miss Trudy to meet him in Singapore without providing the airfare, to see how committed she was. 

 He does not like women who ask for fare.

"When she started asking me questions like who are we, I was like let me just fly into Kenya. 5 days I was out. Then I went to China and said it was about time to make it official. So I asked her could you meet me in Singapore. This is not me using my money to buy a ticket for you to come to Singapore. If she had asked me for money I would have told her don't come. The following day she was in Singapore"

He said his investment in Trudy was to groom her to become independent. 

He doesn't like when women rely on men for financial support. "As a man if you always allow your women to be dependent on you all the time as a man, at the end of the day you should be able to empower your woman. You can ask 10 women what you bring to the table they'll tell you ***, it doesn't make sense. 

"At the end of the day if I'm broke, so broke, I know I won't sleep hungry coz my woman will provide" 

They won't have children immediately, as he wants to enjoy marriage, know each other, and make an empire. They also want to do vlogging for another 3 -4 years before quitting "When we are ready the world will know we are" he said.

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