Huddah shares experience with Dubai floods that have left the City in bad shape

• Huddah Monroe currently stays in Dubai.

• Dubai is in bad shape after floods. 

Huddah Monre

Massive flooding was experienced in Dubai a day ago after the country experienced a year's worth of rain in just one day.

Pictures and videos of residents facing multiple challenges have been shared online.

A phenomenon called cloud seeding was blamed for the excessive amounts of rainfall.

The rain was called “a historic weather event" by the state-run WAM news agency, surpassing "anything documented since the start of data collection in 1949.

However, Huddah Monroe has not been a part of the challenges.

Taking to her social media to show how clean and rain-free her region was, she said "Watching floods on IG like are we even in the same city".

"CCHALE TAUNT US..floods where"

Floods caused havoc at the airport and netizens were shocked at the level of distractions brought about by the heavy downfall. 

Ms Huddah Monroe alleges that despite being in Dubai, she doesn't live anywhere near the mess.

"Floods where we don't have those problems," she bragged. 

A video of her walking in a sunny part of the country was her proof.

"I walked to the Dubai Mall in the rain yesterday coz I'm short-sighted. My lenses were gone & they canceled my order. I felt cleansed tho, the most beautiful feeling" 

The levels of groundwater have even seen some residents call for help from authorities in the desert nation.

"But people's houses are really flooded. Used to see this in African villages only"

Living at the top no ground floor problems," she said showing views from a super highrise building.

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