Francis Atwoli: My clothes are made by tailors in Nigeria and Switzerland

• Francis Atwoli works with designers in Nigeria and Geneva.

Francis Atwoli.
Image: The-Star

COTU Secretary General only desires the best as far as his fashion and style go. The politician spoke to Jeff Koinange on Citizen TV on Wednesday, April 11 where he revealed that he works with fashion designers in Geneva and Nigeria.

During the interview rocking a black and white striped two-piece that appeared to impress a fan who asked Jeff to get Atwoli to admit where he shops.

"This fabric, normally most of them I get from Nigeria. This particular one was designed by my grandson, and he lives in the US. He brought me several of these ones," he told a curious netizen about last night's outfit.

My tailor in Nigeria is called Mr Okoli, he is the one who works on me for this type of ..."

He is also known for wearing oversized linen shirts. "Those ones are tailored from Geneva in a factory, and they have my initials here," he showed the perfection to an impressed Jeff.

"Eh but do you say," an impressed Koinange expressed.

"It is not because I have money, it is because I am working there. I have three months in Geneva and people don't know. They like questioning oh where is Atwoli, Atwoli is sick, such like things."

"It is very well known in this country that the months of March I am in Geneva. The months of June I am in Geneva, the month of November I am in Geneva," he shared his docket with Jeff.

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