Jude Magambo opens up on claims he ever dated Brian Chira

• The popular TikToker was recently interviewed by Radio Jambo presenter Massawe Jappani.

Jude Magambo with the late Brian Chira
Image: Courtesy

Renowned content creator from Kenya, Jude Magambo, popularly known as Manzi wa Meru, has denied ever having a romantic relationship with the late Brian Chira.

Speaking in an interview with presenter Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, the TikToker clarified that he and Chira were just close friends.

He stated that despite the late Chira showing affection towards him, especially when they were out partying, they never reached the stage of dating.

"No, we didn't date.  We never had those dating conversations," Jude Magambo said.

However, the TikToker noted that many people believed they were in a relationship, even going as far as calling him a widow now.

"For me, I didn't date Chira," he stated.

Magambo also admitted to missing Chira dearly.

He revealed that when the late TikToker was alive, they did many things together, creating unforgettable memories that still haunt him to this day.

"I really miss Chira. We used to do a lot of things together. At times, he felt like a brother to me. Whenever I heard he was far away, I felt something was amiss. It never ended until about a week or three if I hadn't seen him," he recounted.

He said that he used to meet with the late Chira regularly even after moving out from where they lived together to Ruaka.

"Now when the weekend comes, I'm like, 'What if Chira were here, we would have been somewhere.' Every time I left with him, I made sure he got home safely because I knew him," he said.

He mentioned that he and Chira were inseparable as they had established a strong friendship.

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