Baba Talisha: How Sh8 M collected for Brian Chira's funeral was spent

• The TikToker also revealed the substantial amount that was left for the late Chira's grandmother after all the funeral costs had been tallied.

Baba Talisha and the late Brian Chira

Baba Talisha, a TikToker who managed all the transactions for the contributions to facilitate the funeral event of fellow TikToker Brian Chira, has finally given an account of how the contributions were utilized.

Baba Talisha, who until the day of the funeral informed his fans that the contributions had exceeded 8 million Kenyan shillings, went live on TikTok and invited his colleagues who had collaborated in achieving this substantial contribution.

Apart from inviting his colleagues on the live, Baba T also sent them documents detailing how all the contributions through M-Pesa and bank transfers were coordinated and used, as well as the remaining amount and his future work after Chira was buried last week.

Baba Talisha explained the amount of money from these contributions that was used for transportation from Nairobi to Githunguri, where Chira's grandmother was buried, as well as food, and other expenses.

"KSh 498,125. We had to buy additional food. Initially, we budgeted for 600 or 700 people, but during the funeral, we had to add more food. We paid a deposit of 105,000, and we had a deficit of 29,000, and we paid it all," Baba Talisha said as he broke down the accounts.

Baba T also revealed that the remaining amount is KSh 7.2 million after paying off the debts. "The balance in the bank is KSh 7.2 million. After I finished paying the debt, Chira's grandmother was informed that by the fifth month, she should be moving out, so we need to be quick," Baba T said.

Watch this video as he breaks down all the calculations below:

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