Sorrow as late Brian Chira's household items are packed

β€’ The items including his famous white wig will be transferred to his grandmother.

Brian Chira
Image: Instagram

The personal items belonging to the late Kenyan TikToker Brian Chira have been packed and taken to his grandmother's home in Githunguri.

Chira's friend Baba Talisha in a video showed them packing his personal effects into boxes.

On TikTok account MAGAZETI SHOW, Baba Talisha shows some of the things Brian loved such as his white shoulder-length white wig. 

"Update on Chira's property. Things are in good condition," said the blog.

A sombre-looking Baba Talisha showed Brian's bedroom and the mattress. Netizens then proceeded to comment on the video.

"@mel 20....please if someone asked for help please help akiwa uhai😭😭😭 Nani ameona mattress πŸ€”πŸ€”" wrote a fan.

Another expressed sadness as well saying, "Anthony.....Baba T.. My thinking the late family.. Ndio kufanya the packing of his belongings.. Ur over doing Baba T."

A lady called Wambui wrote, "The diary is just sad...Brian knew his fate."

1 pretty princess wrote, "Until date haven't given out my late husband's clothes and shoes,almost 5yrs now,so sad baba T,i understand your hands are shaking,that memory fresh."

RAEL for her part wrote, "😭😭😭when my mum was buried four days latter nguo zake na viatu zilimwagwa chini and kila mtu alikuwa anaambiwa hachukuwe that's when you realize the person you love so much is gone forever 😭😭😭"

Meanwhile, Bonfire CEO Simon Kabu visited the late Chira's grandmother on Friday, March 29, where he took Easter gifts to her and the two cousins left behind by Chira.

Kabu said,

"What I've been saying is that mzazi si ulie tu wa kuzaa. Me i dont have my parents So sometimes you get people who you get blessings and they become like your parents."

Kabu reminded the grandmother that the promised holiday to Diani with Ian and Ryan, Chira cousins, is still on offer.

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