How Amira is handling her recovery from cosmetic surgery

• The ex-wife of businessman Jimal Rohosafi has shared an update that she was now walking without being hunched over.

Businesswoman Amira is slowly recovering from the four cosmetic surgeries she underwent in March. The mother of two has now shared some of the things she is doing to recover.

She is wearing a snug-fitting garment called a Faja. It is a compression garment to control bruising and swelling while at the same time shaping and molding the body.

On the 2nd of April, she shared an update that she was now walking without being hunched over.

She even went to a local supermarket. "I'm not hunched anymore but my thighs. Wueh! Am still very swollen but wearing a compression garment 24/7."

It is now two weeks since her surgery and she has more information. Wearing a onesie, she showed a slimmer body.

"Started my stage 2 faja yesterday. Am planning to wear it 24/7 but I have worn it during the day. My wounds are all dry and am already scabbing.

My breasts are no longer swollen, my stomach is still very swollen but the faja helps with compression. Am off meds but I only take painkillers at night. My thighs are taking a bit of time to heal but so far the progress is looking good."

The content creator also showed what it looks like putting on a faja.

"Am wearing a Colombian faja & they have the best compression. Without a faja your in pain its feel like...I was gifted this faja by a close friend. She had travelled to Mexico and brought me two pairs they are quite expensive locally bought can cost you upto 50k. Crazy night you're bloated but 10x worser."

Recovery takes about six weeks.

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