Jimal Roho Safi's ex Amira shares details of her weightloss surgery

• She got a breast lift, thigh plasty, lipo, and a tummy tuck.

• She was almost hitting 140kgs.

Content creator Amira has undergone cosmetic surgery.

Amira shared her news with an announcement that she was excited to transform.

Showing herself lying on an operating table, Amira indicated that

"Finally did it. Alhamdulilahi my surgery was a success..Am very swollen and sore. But am getting the best care and love. I will share my healing journey hopefully soon. I got a breast lift, thigh plasty, lipo, and a tummy tuck. I know it's a lot" she admitted to her procedures.

In a video being put for a drip, the mother of two added

"Lakini who laughs like this in the theatre" she showed her wide smile ahead of the operation.

Two weeks ago, Amira showed a side-by-side photo portrait of her weight loss.

"So how do I start? You all know my journey from when I was over 130kgs almost 140kgs sometimes! That is a hard place to be because one, you are big! Two, you know you are big but 3 you don’t understand why stress is not helping to lose weight there is something called “stress eating”! Can you imagine how you are stressed and the answer to a big stressed me is to eat🤬🤯 and continue the never-ending cycle of “Eat, Pray(become big), love (stressed because you are big then, eat) and repeat Eat, Pray, Love!" she wrote

The drastic transformation impressed her online fans.

"Fast forward whichever way, I am big and stressed or stressed and big… this is a crazy place to be! Anyone who has been here can relate, you relate right?It was always in my mind that one day all this weight will be gone and I will be healthy and be as I see myself in my head not in the mirror… and abracadabra it happened, I will spare you the details but it is all in the mind!

She also confessed that she was looking into surgery options in Nairobi.

"I have lost a freaking 45kgs+ and I feel like I am on top of the world, not mostly because of weight loss but because I can do what I want if I want to do it which is the moral of the story! Sio hii kizungu mingi which I feel like I am almost sounding like my doctor @ken.aluora_md and his stories! Read his posts you will understand😂👌🏾"

Amira joins a list of Kenyan celebrities who've undergone cosmetic surgery including Beauty entrepreneur Phoina, and Businesswoman Risper Faith who have also been open about their lifestyle, and weight loss decisions.

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