Chira's BFF Prince Mwiti reveals he earned Sh4.8 million from TikTok


• It is still unclear what led to Mwiti's account getting banned

Brian Chira's friend and TikToker Prince Mwiti

Digital content creator Prince Mwiti has shared why he won't be quitting TikTok any time soon.

His remarks come in shortly after the 28-year-old controversial TikToker lost his account which had over 240k followers.

Mwiti immediately opened a new account and went on TikTok live addressing his alleged haters who were celebrating his loss.

A infuriated Prince Mwiti went online where he bragged about the millions he rakes from the social media app.  

"Congratulations. The money that I have made from that account is a lot of money. It was a very beautiful account," started off the 28-year-old content creator. 

He went on to show files from his PayPal account where according to the screengrabs it highlights he has been earning millions of Kenyan shillings. 

"Even the other one was hacked, and I was making money. I will never stop. TikTok is my life. We will still get the money again. That's the amount of money I made from that account," the TikToker added.     

According to the PayPal screenshot Prince Mwiti had accumulated $36,921.93 which translates to Sh.4.8 million.

Finishing up with his comprehensive rant, Mwiti still addressing people wishing him bad and those who had been celebrating him losing his account as they thought he'd lost the money he'd made as well highlighted that he was unstoppable.

"I'm sorted, thank you very much. Let us start afresh. Here is the money; it's in my PayPal. You all thought I lost it; I'm very unstoppable," said the TikToker as he hyped people to patronize his new account. 

Reacting to his post netizens went wild sharing what they would do if they bagged such a huge sum of money from quitting their jobs to while others shared their shock upon realizing that TikTok pays hugely.

It is still unclear what led to Mwiti's account getting banned however, this isn't the first time that the TikToker has lost his social media platform. On previous accounts it was due to his feuds with other content creators.


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