How Baba Talisha learned of Brian Chira's tragic death

• According to Police,  Chira died as a result of an accident he was involved in, in the Karuri area on 16th March 2024.

Baba Talisha and the late Brian Chira

Kenyan Titoker Baba Talisha has for the first time revealed how he learned of Brian Chira's death. The two had been friends for long before a brief 'break' over Chira's constant public outbursts while appearing intoxicated.

In an interview with Oga Obinna, Baba Talisha explained there was no bad blood between the two of them adding he has continued being there for Chira's grandmother and cousins. 

"It was a normal day, We had gone to shoot content for a client in Mt Longonot.

While coming down the mountain I found someone had called me five times, but whenever I picked we were not hearing each other properly due to network issues. The person texted asked that I call him as there was an emergency.

I received another call from someone telling me Chira had died in an accident, I was shocked, and I had to sit down and digest the news. Another person called and confirmed the same."

Brian Chira
Image: Instagram

Baba Talisha called Mwiti who was Chira's BFF,

"Mwiti was at the time in Malindi, I had told him I had received some bad news and that Chira had died. He immediately hung up. He tried calling Chira's phone to no avail.

I was still in Mt Longonot at the time, I was called after 30 minutes by a police officer who informed me where the body had been taken to."

He says his biggest worry was how he would break the news to Chira's grandmother.

"She called me the first time but I did not pick up. The second time she called I picked. She asked why Chira's phone was not going through. 

I had to send someone to break the news to her. The grandmother told me she couldn't go to the morgue hence I did. She requested me to handle things for her."

Chira was son to the late Sofia Wambui Chira, grandson to Esther Njeri and nephew to Regina Njoki Chira and late Alice Njoki Chira. He was cousin to Ian Mureithi, Ryan Chira, Stacy Chira and Sofia Njeri.

Over the weekend, there was a memorial service and tribute ceremony to celebrate his life at Rainbow Resort in Ruiru, 

According to Police  Chira died as a result of an accident he was involved in, in the Karuri area on 16th March 2024.

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