You gave me the opportunity at my age to be a wife-Esther Musila to Guardian Angel

• They couple has been in marriage for four years.

Guardian Angel with his wife Esther Musila.
Image: courtesy

The marriage between Esther Musila and Gospel singer Guardian Angel continues to draw comments from society four years on.

The opinions about them were something they have grown to ignore especially social media. 

The couple spoke on her YouTube channel where she encouraged families and more so parents and social media advisers to be open about such situations. They said God has been faithful to their marriage.

"I am at a place in my life where I now understand what actually being married is about," saying he has learnt to be disciplined and responsible.

They spoke about the growth and experiences as a married couple. Speaking about her role in her husband's life, she thanked him for choosing her, and not regretting it.

"You've given me the opportunity at my age to be a wife. When people refer to relationships as being a wife, the roles that you play in your husband's life, this for me, brings it out, like I am actually a wife.

It comes out in me naturally to just be a wife. and this comes from how you treat me, the respect that you give me, the friendship that we have."

They have a significant age gap. Esther added,

"Me being older than you has never made me feel that I have any kind of authority. You are the head of the family, so a lot of people will think that oh because Esther is older she has the say. You know?...No," she shook her head.

Guardian weighed in on this misconception

"If someone has to be authoritative, it has nothing to do with age. If someone has a wife who is tough headed, kichwa nguu, it has nothing to do with age."

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