Amani speaks on dating bad boys and how marriage changed her

• She got heartbroken by bad boys, "It is epic, you take years to recover from it," she said.

Image: Instagram

The appeal of bad boys was something singer Amani is opening up about in a new interview about rebuilding, finding God, breaking free and marrying her amazing man.

She had released the song Bad Boys, a collabo with Nyashinski that was an instant hit. The 43 year old mother of one told youtuber Lynn Ngugi that with fame that came dating and her preference for bad boys.

"Were you looking for a bad boy at that age?" Lynn asked Amani, to which she shyly replied, "I think most of my songs are things I used to imagine and put myself in that situation. But not necessarily what I'm going through. There 1 or 2 songs that were very personal, but zile zingine na ji bamba tu."

She used to wonder about girls' attraction to bad boys with Lynn nudging her further, "Uko sure?"

Amani said, "I will be honest with you even in terms of people I have dated, me sijui, watu wa Tech tu ndio maybe nakuanga na magnet. More often than not sijui niko na magnet ya Tech na Scientist but there are a few bad ones," she laughed. 

Looking back, she added that her songs taught her a lot of lessons. "As much as I'm singing I'm falling for a bad boy mi character development nilipatiwa kwa life yangu, ilitoka kwa bad boy. It is epic. you take years to recover from it."

She is now married, describing it as blissful. 

"Anybody who knows him, knows he is my number 1 supporter. He understands who I am and he is comfortable."

He is an extrovert and she is learning to handle his character.

"It will bring out a side of you you never knew existed and it makes you happy because you see the humour in it. I think a Proverbs 31 woman is a process. First of all io marriage ilifanya niokoke as in coz you enter and you are like, 'Whoooa what is happening here?'"

So you have come from two different backgrounds na mmekutana. My husband is an extrovert he wants to be in your face, like come sit here, we are together." 

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