Edwin Sifuna: I have only one wife

• The mercurial Nairobi senator keeps his private life away from the public sphere.

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna is known as a fierce debater whose skills captivate netizens on topical matters.

Speaking to Mic Cheque Podcast, Sifuna said that politics is not for the faint-hearted. In an encouraging point, he advised that,

"Politics is hard, when you hear them say give yourself about 8 years, it's because to get known, by the way sio uwongo, you have to invest in it. A lot of time," he shared some insights.

He has been with his wife since 2015 and is a father. Giving a glimpse into his family life, he said,

"My wife is from Matungu, one wife, mila yetu huwezi chaguliwa ka huna bibi. I was called by clan elders who had 3 questions.

No 1, uko na boma? Uko na bibi? Sasa bibi ilibidi nichukuwe 2015 niweke mahari kwao.  So officially niko na bibi."

The ODM party Secretary General also recalled quitting a Sh400k white-collar job to hustle. He began running a small law firm earning sh50k, and writing newspaper articles that earned him sh60k a month.

The podcasters enquired if that kind of money got him many women. He rejected such suggestions saying he is a one-woman man.

"Mimi I have no idea what you are talking about, napinga vikali.  I have only one wife, ambaye nampenda sana babe..." he laughed at the hosts adding, "Hatukuwa tumeoana officially but we were living together."

Sifuna also spoke on several other issues including his ideas of leadership, his vision for youth in the electoral process, advocacy on disability, and developmental policies.

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