Why Wema Sepetu doesn't read comments on her social media accounts

• Wema Sepetu is dating Tanzanian artist Whozu.

Wema Sepetu

Model and Bongo movie actress Wema Sepetu has shared how she deals with negativity on her socials.

In an interview with CarryMastory, the former beauty queen stated she does not read comments on her socials.

"I do not read comments and reactions on Instagram. Unless someone comes and shows them to me. I am protecting my sanity.

"I have been in the limelight since 2016, people will never stop talking why Should I give them the chance to dictate my life?

"There is a lot of negativity on social media. Given a chance, I would deactivate my Instagram account. I love positivity but the negativity has become too much," she said. 

She went on to add

"Once in a while, I bump into some of the negative comments.

I respond and then block.

No one is perfect so no one should tell me not to respond to negativity."

Wema however refused to respond to allegations that she and her boyfriend Whozu are no longer together.

Wema had recently explained why she feels men are born polygamous. She explained that this is a hard pill to swallow for many.

“There is no man with just one woman, it’s in their nature not to remain loyal to a single woman. Even if the man doesn’t have another woman now, he will eventually end up having more than one. It’s the sad, hurtful truth that we need to accept. I have accepted it,” she warned

Wema who has hard problems conceiving said she hoped she could give her bae Whozu a child.

Whozu has a child from a previous union but is not with Wema.

“I love him so much and he loves me too however there is one thing (child) that I need to accomplish for him to cement our love. If it ever happens then that would be wonderful but I love him to death.” Wema confessed.

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Wema Sepetu