Wema Sepetu explains severe effect mom publicly embarrassing has had on her

• She revealed that her boyfriend Whozu also left in a rage, which affected her psychologically.

Wema Sepetu with her mom

Former Miss Tanzania, Wema Sepetu has admitted to drowning in a pool of sadness after being shamed in public by her mother during her birthday celebration held at the end of last month.

In an interview with a Tanzanian radio station, the actress revealed that she and her mother Mariam Sepetu did not say goodbye after the party which turned out to be the opposite of what she expected.

Not only did her mother leave without them saying goodbye, but her lover Whozu also left with anger, which affected her psychologically to the point of seeking solace in alcohol.

"I was left alone, I was like I was confused, I don't know what to do and I had gone through a lot of pain.. to hide it, I drank alcohol, so I can say that my mother's damage made me do something I didn't expect," Wema Sepetu said.

The ex-girlfriend of Diamond Platnumz was looking for advice and answers from a famous pastor and counselor in Tanzania.

She explained that she only drank alcohol during the period when she was heartbroken after the incident but later she collected herself, had a conversation with God, and went to her boyfriend Whozu in an effort to fix their damaged relationship.

"He was definitely embarrassed (Whozu) in one way or another. The shame is too great. Even his brothers did not like it.

They all say that it was the wrong place. But we return to say the parent is not wrong. The damage has been done," Wema said.

The beauty admitted that in the past two weeks, she has been in a state of confusion and has not understood exactly how she feels.

At the end of September, Ms. Mariam, while giving her speech during her daughter's birthday party, criticized her about her relationship with singer Whozu, saying that it was not blessed.

Wema's mother revealed that she felt disrespected by her daughter and her boyfriend as they had made their relationship public without even seeking her blessing.

She continued to add that when you are a child it is important to let your parents know who you are in a relationship with and to know the person you are in a relationship with.

"I want respect to prevail. I want parents to be respected by a child, you must listen to your parent. For a lover, you must come and introduce yourself," said Mariam angrily.

Mrs. Mariam explained that she was not trying to direct her daughter's life or prevent her from finding love, but what she was asking for was just respect, without having to know the details of her daughter's life online.

In addition, she maintained that she was doing all this because of the great love she has for her daughter.

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