Minister Martha- I was thrown out of church over viral 'No rikiki' video

• She also alleged the people who were supposed to protect her were not doing so.

Minister Martha

Minister Martha, the lady who went viral for her 'No rikiki na rinai', has alleged that she was thrown out of church after the video emerged.

Speaking during an interview with Jeff Kuria, she shared that she was attending an event by gospel singer Sammy Irungu.

Further stating'

"It was nothing I had planned on saying, I was not even in the spirit."

She says she did not want to mention people's names. She also meant to say heaven had been silent despite her challenges.

She also alleged the people who were supposed to protect her were not doing so.

"I just wanted to cover the challenges I have been through without mentioning people's names.

After an interview I did, I was thrown out of the church, it was alleged that I was playing with the holy spirit.

I was removed from all church WhatsApp groups. Right now I do not have a church."

She added

"I left the church where I used to minister with the blessings of my pastor.

It was however very challenging because some people would come in the pretence of wanting to worship.

Martha who is an actress, had at some point given up on the same.

"Some people were not able to differentiate between my onscreen character and the real me.

She lost her husband at age 30, he had been battling blood cancer.

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