Manzi wa Mombasa reveals cute and unknown details about the late Brian Chira

• The TikToker disclosed the reason the late Chira refused to buy a car and the grand plans he had for his grandmother.

Deborah Mwaura aka Manzi Wa Mombasa was among the close-knit friends the late Brian Chira was surrounded by.

Manzi is among Kenyan TikTokers who could always be spotted with Chira. She spoke to YouTuber Martin Dean about the friendship. they had.

One thing she cherished about Chira was his love for people calling it a genuine friendship. She divulged that he would often tell her that he needed to buy clothes and Gikomba was his favorite shopping place. 

"'Manzi niko na hizi pesa lakini sina lan. Nipange.' I would tell him don't worry, let's go and shop for shosho, and buy clothes for the young Chira," she said as she opened up about the 23-year-old.

Chira had dreams he wanted to fulfill but was afraid of buying a car for one interesting reason.

"He had so many dreams. But one dream he didn't want was to buy a car because of drinking alcohol. He was afraid what would happen if he bought a car with his habit."

He also wanted to build for his grandma a house. "First of all he wanted to buy her a shamba then build her a home. He also wanted to build a set of rental homes for her so that she can get some income. He was also paying for school fees for the younger Chira.

His grandmother thought I was a daughter-in-law. Chira had introduced me to his family as manzi yake," she said this was to avoid being rejected by his family.

When asked about what she would remember him for, she got pensive and said,

"I have so many memories with Chira. Sijaamini, I still feel like he will be back arudi tena aseme, 'It was all clout chasing.' Aseme, 'Manzi it was just content.' But I felt like I am dreaming na nasubiri mtu aniamshe kwa hiyo ndoto."

She finished by revealing how much Brian loved nyama choma, and would prefer to hang out with his friends and treat them.

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