From tears to Chaos: Key highlights from Brian Chira’s Burial in Kiambu

• The said burial attracted a huge crowd of TikTokers, celebrities, and Online media.

• Otile Brown performed Chira's favorite song 'One Call'. 

Brian Chira to be buried today

TikToker Brian Chira was laid to rest in Ingitei village, Githunguri in Kiambu County on March 26, 2024.

Fans, family, and friends viewed the TikToker's body at the KU mortuary before it was taken to his grandmother’s place for burial.

The said burial attracted a huge crowd of TikTokers, celebrities, and Online media who were all out to give Chira a decent sendoff.

He was laid to rest at around 4 PM.

Among the celebrities that attended the burial include Otile Brown who sang his famed 'One Call' hit song and politician Peter Salasya.

Addressing the mourners, Otile said "I just want to say thank you for allowing me to be together with you here. I did not know Chira but through my song 'One Call' I've seen his love."

Here are Key highlights from Brian Chira’s Burial in Kiambu

Chira’s Grandmother's Tribute

In a touching tribute, Chira’s grandmother, Esther Njeri, shared heartfelt memories of the young man who deeply impacted many lives.

Esther Njeri, fondly known as Chira’s grandmother, reminisced about the bond they shared since childhood.

“Brian has left a huge void in our lives. I pray that God will raise a strong and vibrant one in one of my grandchildren. Chira always asked me to love him as he was, and I loved him with all his faults,” she said.

After losing his mother at the age of eight, Chira found solace in his grandmother’s care.

Njeri affectionately described him as her best friend and praised his selflessness and dedication to the welfare of her family.

Despite facing his own challenges, she revealed that Chira made numerous sacrifices, including dropping out of university to support his cousins.

 “Brian always worked hard to take care of his cousins. My grandson, I loved you from the moment you came into my life until your last breath. I’ll miss you so much,” said Njeri.

Past Interview

Snippets from Chira’s past interview were played during his burial ceremony.

“I have been raised alone, you people don’t be too quick to judge or write negative comments. Sometimes people go through a lot and my way to vent it out is to go live on TikTok. I’m more appreciated on my TikTok and that is why I give it more attention.

I’m also a loner; I don’t know how to interact with people…Grandmother I want to build you even a two-bedroom,” Chira said in part.

Otile Brown’s performance

Kenyan singer Otile Brown performed at Chira’s burial ceremony. Otile performed Chira’s favorite song dubbed “One Call” which featured Tanzanian singer Ruby.

Before his death, Chira had confessed that he loved Otile's song “One Call” as it resonates with him in many ways.

MP Peter Salasya at the Burial

Mumias East Member of Parliament (MP) Peter Salasya expressed his admiration for the fallen Tiktoker Brian Chira.

"Chira amekua a very big inspiration to the young generation, na mkiangalia hapa hakuna mwanasiasa ata mmoja ambaye anaeza kuja. The young generation nimeona hapa leo ata sijaamini macho yangu na ni kwa sababu ya influence ambayo ndugu yangu alikua nayo."

Salasya acknowledged being an admirer of Chira.

"I was to go to Mombasa, but I decided to postpone that to attend this burial. I am one of his close followers. He was an inspiration. He spoke good English, and I learned a lot from him, especially how he would express himself. That is why I had to be here. I liked how he was vocal and could express himself freely."

Burial Ceremony

Brian Chira was laid to rest at around 4:00 pm after a long day that was full of activities.

After Party

Attendees of Brian Chira’s burial engaged in dance after laying him to rest.

TikToker Crying for Missing Food

A Tiktoker by the name of Cindy Baibe has gone viral after recording herself carrying after she allegedly missed food at Chira’s burial.

However, her actions have attracted lots of scrutiny from the public. Many have castigated her for her uncalled-for behavior.


Chaos emerged at Chira’s burial which had been attended by thousands of mourners. The MC of the day was forced to call for order severally so that the burial ceremony could continue as planned.

When singer Otile Brown was called upon to perform, another ugly incident was witnessed as people could not stay in one place. Later, calm was restored and the burial ceremony continued.

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