Deadbeat dads don't intend to abandon their kids- Man tells Mike Mondo

Do you have a baby mama who is the reason you are not supporting your children? Mike asked listeners

Mike Mondo
Mike Mondo
Image: File

Mike Mondo was left shocked by a social media post that insinuated that some women are ones that push men into being deadbeat.

"Most men didn't run away from their children but ran away from toxic men," read the post

He asked "How true is it? That your baby mama can be so toxic that you even leave the child." 

King'ang'i explained "Men love their children. Sometimes, the woman doesn't want to see you at all, she doesn't want you to see the child. What are you supposed to do as a man."

Mondo then asked listeners "Do you have a baby mama who is the reason you are not supporting your children?"

A caller said "A friend of mine was married and they separated, and the lady has worked so hard to frustrate the man. Men need to make effort and the women need to stop frustrating the men's effort."

Another caller said "I had a toxic baby daddy. I was being abuse physically and emotionally. Before the marriage was over, he had even started another family with another woman. It took grace for me to be able to co-parent with him. I got counselling and I got healing."

Another caller narrated how he had a child with another woman and when his woman found out, he asked him to stop communicating with the baby mama and the child.

"I saw my child when he was born. Since then, I have not seen that child. My main woman told me to block my baby mama on all social media."

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