Waiting for you babe- Mali Safi Chito hitmaker salivating over this youthful MP

• Mali Safi Chito hitmaker goes after youthful MP for a husband 

Mali Safi Chito singer Jerotich

Gospel singer Millicent Jerotich alias Marakwet Daughter is out here confessing her love for Keiyo South MP Gideon Kimaiyo.

In a recent interview, the singer expressed her desire to start a relationship with the legislator. She begged him to move faster and get her off the market so that they could start a family. 

“Kuja unitoe soko. MP Keiyo South Gideon Kimaiyo, I’m waiting for you beb…he is not married and he is waiting for me.

I’m here, please Kuja ni Mwaah! Beb please kuja nataka niende parliament na wewe…lakini mimi siendi parliament, mimi ni ule mkale, I want to stay at home and rare chicken, plant vegetables and take care of animals,” she said.

She went on to appeal to the MP to be faithful in their relationship if her wish materializes. 

“And you be in Nairobi but don’t look for side chicks because I will be waiting for you at home. Come baby come, and if you refuse I will come for you or else there is a spare wheel here,” she said laughing. 

Responding to the singer's request on the social media platform X, the Southern Keiyo MP said, "Wow, this has gone far."

Many internet users have expressed mixed reactions to Mr. Kimaiyo's response.

Sereti Tonkei wrote, "Honourable, invite us to the wedding."

The MP replied, "Attract me first."

Gideon Kimaiyo and Marakwet Daughter

Recently the singer has been asking potential suitors to approach her for a possible relationship.

 "Having a man is not a bad thing, but I think for now, I have not yet gone to church. As you can see, I do not have a ring. I am still in the market. Get me out. But don't come without a plan. Or you'll know that you don't know. I am still in the market like dates,” she said.

Earlier this month, the singer revealed that she was married when she was younger. The singer candidly discussed her past relationships and the hardships she faced in her early marriage.

She shared that she entered matrimony at the tender age of 16, seeking an escape from her family's poverty. 

Unfortunately, the situation deteriorated, subjecting her to unbearable conditions within the marriage.

After enduring the hardships for five years, she eventually decided to leave her husband and return home.

"I didn’t go to high school. I got married at 16 years old. Then, things were so rough that it made me prefer the life I had at home to the one I was having in my house. Then I left him when I was 21. I went through a lot.

I was so blessed that anything I touched would flourish, but family conflict erupted in my ex-husband’s family. I went through many things. I was beaten and at some point I got depressed. I couldn’t sleep. I went to the hospital," she revealed during the interview.

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