Mali Safi hitmaker lands in trouble as she warns DJ against playing her song

• Mali Safi hitmaker rocks controversy as she warns DJ against using her song in their mixes

• She categorically warned that those who go against her wish will face it rough.

Marakwet Daughter
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Kenyan singer Millicent Jerotich also known as Marakwet Daughter has landed in trouble with a section of her fans and industry players after asking DJs not to use her songs in their mixes.

According to the singer she is against the idea of DJs playing her song yet she can't benefit directly from their YouTube streams.

She categorically warned that those who go against her wish will face it rough.

“DJs respect my work. You are not allowed to upload my music on your YouTube channel. Do you know what I went through to be able to record that song? I won the rights and it is registered. So don’t upload my work on your channel. Piga sherehe, tumia song ukule za event but not YouTube,” she warned in an interview with Tuko.

The singer went on to clarify that only one DJ has been doing that and she doesn't want to generalize issues.

“I want to be clear, it’s not all DJs, it's only one,” she said.

The statement has elicited mixed reactions among her fans – a section agreeing with her sentiments while others offered contrary opinions.

Several Netizens who weighed in on the conversation accused the singer of self-sabotaging, arguing that DJs are the ones who made her an internet sensation.

Reactions on Mali Safi hitmaker's statement

djhardscratch @marakwetdaughter Slow down a likkle bit. I have uploaded your music as a remix on fair grounds use and what not. I dare you for a case if you think you are the first person to pose a threat as an artist. Game on!

makena_trhk Aih 😂😂 Soon atatuambia hata tusiiskize tena 😂

djgitts Ulipitia nini kurecord hio song? Kwani ni nini mpya ulifanyiwa time ya shooting ya video ama director alitaka nini hio enye hawa artists wengine Big

deejayneshk Anaringa na ngoma moja😂😂 angekua na album ?

dj_splash_254 We can decide we not playing it again anywhere else 😂😂😂

tha_daqchild Sasa unaweza kuwa umepitia nini kuimba wimbo kama “mali safi” unless you are the opposite of that😂😂😂

jewelmamake For your information tulishaboeka na hio ngoma....,sisi wakenya huboeka very first.....

thee_champe24 Kama sio hao ma dj kuicheza Kwa club bado angekuwa anaiskiza peke yake😢😢

deejay_sych Sahiiii tuko mzabibu bana 🤣 yako tuliwacha 2023

madegwa.kenneth Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.~ Proverbs 16:18

vibescope254 Pride comes before a fall😂😂😂

Recently the singer has been in the headlines after her recent outburst where she lectured her critics with no chills.

In a now widely circulated video, the 'Mali Safi Chito' hitmaker asserted her readiness to block anyone engaging in what she considered harmful behavior of spreading negativity on her social media posts.

 “You are used to using bad language in my comment section. Mumezoea sanaa kupupuu inbox yangu pale TikTok, pupuu sasa hapa. Nkt!” the artist said as she expressed her frustration towards her followers.

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