Mulamwah's I'm a Baby Daddy challenge lands him in hot water

• The comedian has issued confusing statements about whether he accepts paternity as far as Carrol Sonnie's daughter.

Comedian Mulamwah, Carol Sonnie and their daughter

Comedian Mulamwah has taken part in a TikTok challenge that has left Kenyans asking if he is acknowledging he has a child or not.

The content creator on Sunday, Feb 4, shared a video attempting to highlight the challenges men go through with their baby mamas.

He explained things that men are told about being a deadbeat. His speech is below:

Of course, I am a baby daddy in Kenya. Everybody thinks I am the problem

Of course, I am a baby daddy in Kenya. kila baby mama ananichukia,  aki tafadhali auntie, sio mimi nilikupatia mimba.

Of course I am a baby daddy in Kenya, mtoto ashaambiwa,  na anajua nilikufa last year

Of course, I am  baby daddy in Kenya,  nikitesa mnasema naumiza ex,  na mi niko tu maisha yangu, sa nisioee?

Of course, I am a baby daddy in Kenya,  mtoto namuonanga online

Of course I am a baby daddy in Kenya, bado naji panga panga kwasababu najua kuna siku nitahitajika

Of course, I am a baby daddy in Kenya, nimeblockiwa

Of course I am a baby daddy in Kenya, hakuna mtu ataniamini lakini ni sawa.

Kenyans reacted sharply to his video, pointing out that he allegedly denied he had a child, as others noted that he could still be bitter about his breakup with former girlfriend Carrol Sonnie, who has a daughter named, Keilah.

jerry_muthoni....How is this supposed to be funny you publicly humiliated sonnie and denied your own child and now you want to gain sympathy for your own bad actions, you lack accountability

swit.pepper....Sonnie alitolea mwanaume mjinga hivi nguo aje

acheevee....Wewe si baby daddy wewe ni DEAD BEAT

milly_okaya.....Wewe ni mtu useless kabisa I hope Sonnie and her kid never need you in this life huna adabu wewe ghasia umbwa mafi ya mwisho ya green takataka

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