'Omosh was just a video vixen!' Akothee tells stunned fans

• The couple got married in a highly-publicised wedding that took place at Windsor Golf Club back in April 2023.

Akothee and her hubby Denis ‘Omosh’ Schweizer during their wedding at Windsor Hotel on April 10, 2023.

Once again, artist Akothee has revisited her marriage to Swiss man Denis Schweizer, which fell apart just a few months after a lavish wedding.

Speaking about the breakup last weekend, Akothee appeared with her former manager and ex-boyfriend, Nelly Oaks, stating that he is the one who still has her heart throbbing.

Akothee said that the Swiss man, whom she nicknamed Mr. Omosh, was never her lover, and what happened in April last year was not a wedding ceremony but a video shoot, where the Swiss man was a video fox.

"My head swells when he's around, as you know if you know @nellyoaks. He came to my room, see my suite; oh, the Valentine's gifts arrived too early," said the Akothee Safaris entrepreneur.

People started asking if they had reconciled with Nelly Oaks, who has been seen with her frequently in seemingly affectionate positions, and Akothee did not hesitate to tell the whole truth about her previous marriage.

"What happened to your Swiss husband you married? Are you not together anymore?" a concerned Instagram user, Ella, who seemed unaware of what had happened, asked.

"That was a video shoot where he was a video vixen; it's on YouTube," Akothee replied.

However, Ella was not alone in not knowing, as many similar questions arose, and Akothee provided consistent answers.

"It was a video shoot, not a wedding, you don't have bundles," she replied to another.

Akothee left Omosh immediately after their honeymoon in Greece, upon discovering some things about him. This was just two months after their highly publicized wedding.

"I exited the relationship in June. Usually, I exit my relationships while still in them. During our honeymoon, I discovered some things that I couldn't tolerate. Then he asked me, 'Will you leave me?' I said, 'No, darling, I love you.' When I was leaving Switzerland in July, at the airport, he asked me, 'Will you leave me?' I said, 'No, darling, I love you.' But truthfully, I had already left," she recounted last year.

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