Mulamwah reacts to baby mama's diss he worked at the railway with odd video

• The ex-couple's beef has escalated over the past few days with the two increasingly upping the ante'.

Carrol Sonie with Mulamwah in the past
Image: Instagram

Comedian David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah, responded humourously after his ex-girlfriend, Caroline Muthoni, mocked their current relationship and co-parenting.

In a recent video, Muthoni, known as Carrol Sonie, made fun of their relationship while responding to a video Mulamwah had previously posted.

Among the claims she raised in the video was that she told their daughter that Mulamwah's job at the railway company led to him being hit by a train.

"Of course, I am a toxic baby mama; I told my daughter that her dad was hit by a train while working at the railway. Of course, I am a toxic baby mama; I am the one providing baby daddy content, he cannot do without me," said in her video.

She also stated, "Of course, I am a toxic baby mama; even my ex texts me with a pseudo account claiming he misses me, but I block that. Of course, I am a toxic baby mama 'Keilah is not my kid,' I will continue tormenting him online."

In what seemed like an indirect response to the actress, Mulamwah posted a video showing him at a train station attempting to stop a train.

"Trainee, February has a lot, including the AFCON final," Mulamwah commented in the video's description.

In the Instagram video, the 31-year-old comedian appeared restless and thoughtful as the train approached while he stood on the tracks.

Numerous Instagram users have since responded to the video, with many connecting it to the claims made by Carrol Sonie. Some comments from online users include:

Sir_p.h.i.l.l: "His dad went to get hit by a real train."

Sybilisibo: "No wonder she said without her, you have no content, it's true now."

Tonymwenda254: "Is this before or after you got hit?"

Marione_tobbias: "Indeed, Sonie gives you content, just as she said."

Masterclassic_: "This is where you got hit."

Moragwal_ke: "You've decided it should be a reality - getting hit by a train."

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