Mulamwah sues baby Mama Sonnie for defamation as their fight escalates

• Sonnie and Mulamwah share a child.

• They parted ways months after the birth of their daughter.

Mulamwah with Carrol-Sonie in the past
Image: Instagram

Content creator and comedian David Oyando aka Kendrick Mulamwah has sued his baby mama Sonnie Muthoni.

The two have been trending for days after Mulamwah jumped on the viral Tittok challenge explaining the challenges he faces as an alleged deadbeat dad in Kenya.

Sonnie on the other hand responded highlighting the expectations society has of her given she has been labelled 'a toxic baby mama.'

In 2022 Mulamwah hired the services of a court to help come up with a co-parenting schedule.In the documents seen by Mpasho, the comedian wanted access to his daughter for at least two consecutive days.

The comedian has now sued his baby mama for defamation.

In new court documents shared on his socials, Mulwamwah, through his lawyer alleged Sonnie has continuously painted him as a dead beat dad.

"Leo ni early kick off — if you have time you can read. Don't be quick to point fingers. mambo ni court sasa. Diplomacy failed lets try it in in newtons. Don't judge always pray," he captioned.

Kenyans have taken to social media to blast Mulamwah as he had in the past denied fathering Sonnie's daughter.

shaniabinah:Somebarry is hurt... I'm a luhya but mwanamke akifinyiliwa ata akue tribe gani i'll be on their side... Wewe ukifanya challenge it's ok, baby mama aki come na comeback umekimbia kotini... What a man!!!

gracie_nduta: Mulamwah taking Sonnie to court after denying his own child and complaining he's loosing more endorsements....he has seen anything yet,he will loose more . demanding to have the child's birth cert to apply for her passport,is more insane,how many countries has this guy travelled to??are you Simon kabu????total bullshit.a good definition of a narcissist 😂😂

edithkimani02: Dear girls, just take time to know the person you want to be your baby daddy cos wueeh!

ednaoketch: Mbona upeleke baby momma court yet ulisema mtoto si wako,are you normal?

cedric_chamwada_chagwi: Ningekua superstar kama Mulamwah singeshare vitu zangu personal kama hii hapa mtandao.. Kenyans kwa hizi streets wanapenda umbea.... ningeishi ki assasin niki enjoy ma mita zangu polepole na wife😂

mercie485: But you said the baby is not yours😢 hehe the things we put our babies through..mungu atusaidie tu

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