Men tell Maina Kageni why they refuse to reveal their wealth to their women

• A caller said he would die before his wife knows his net worth

Maina Kageni
Maina Kageni

Maina Kageni has reacted to the unclaimed financial assets authority which has released a list of unclaimed assets. 

Majority of the the original owners of the properties are men while the majority of claimants are women.

On the morning show, Maina asked men if they reveal their wealth to their women.

"Men, who knows about your wealth?" He asked

Adding "Men, why don't you tell your wives about all your properties?"

A caller said "You want us to tell our women all our secrets? My woman knows 10-15% of what I own. My God and myself know where my wealth is. If I die, they will search for them."

Another caller briefly said "Mali nido imefanya watu wengi wauawe."

A caller said he would die before his wife knew his net worth "She doesn't know about my wealth and I have it. If I fall down and die this morning, let the money help the needy."

 Check out the reactions from X;

Isaac Sonteddy: Good morning @ItsMainaKageni! It all revolves around trust. The evil that we've seen in the society has led to this. Mambo ni magumu! #MainaAndKingani say hi to mwalimu.

Young Profesa: Good morning MK, there is an African saying that goes 'The only woman you can trust is your mother'. That's why men opt to keep their assets secretive rather than disclosing them to their wives.

Levil Mwanawasa: Men should only tell their Children and Parents about their Wealth, not their Wives

Steve Mulwa: Maina even in My insurance savings the biggest percentage goes to My children and also My inheritance i will divert all to my children, the only woman to trust is your daughter not even your mother Case Closed ...

Grey Boy: The only woman who deserves to know everything about your assets is your mother, if I personally died today without sharing my personal property info with my mother let the government take them.

Nyahururu Finest: A woman should only know what's in your pants case closed

The monk: The hustle you gain alone you don't owe your wife those assets ...maybe they'll be claiming if you'll no longer be there Let's share the assets if we did generate it together.

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