Airbnb's are safe, book them! Miss Trudy boldly tells netizens

• Airbnbs have been facing a little backlash following the recent number of murder cases reported in a few of them in the last few weeks.

Miss Trudy says AIrbnb's are safe

Digital content creator, and globetrotting brand influencer Miss Trudy through her Instagram page has shared her sentiments on the backlash that Airbnb's within the country have been receiving emphasising that the Airbnb's are safe.

"Hey guys, greetings from Jamaica. My name is Trudy and I am an Airbnb owner back in Kenya. I just wanted to talk about how these incidents have affected the business, it is all giving Airbnbs a bad name.

These incidents have really affected business in Kenya," started the YouTube content creator.

She went on to give a little backstory of the femicide cases that have rocked the nation the past couple of weeks for those who had no idea of what she was talking about and why her business is on the rocks.

Trudy noted that it was unfortunate that some of these incidents had occurred at Bnb's as she shared that in no way were the killings acceptable but businesses were suffering.

"We have had women being killed randomly and for no reason truly. I don't care if a woman went to a house with a man or she was asking for money, she doesn't deserve to be killed it isn't right.

Unfortunately, these killings have happened in Airbnb's, yesterday I posted my Airbnb and people were telling me 'ooh we are scared' and I was like there is nothing to be scared of," the YouTuber said as she casually strolled in the streets of Jamaica.

Miss Trudy is in Uganda
Miss Trudy is in Uganda

She went on to add that unfortunate instances can happen in any country and it was sad that it's Kenya that had to face this.

Trudy maintained there was nothing to be scared of as there were CCTV cameras in the apartments.

Trudy also advised people not to go to the rentals with strangers as you can never truly know one's intentions.  

"I get it but there is nothing to be scared of really, depending on the location Airbnb's are usually safe... you have 24/7 security and the people you take there are going to be your family and friends not random strangers so high chances are you are going to be just fine. That is why we keep saying don't bring strangers to your house.

Unfortunately, we have been affected and guys are now just scared of these places and they are always the better option, I mean they are usually cheaper than hotels."

Finishing up, the content creator asked fellow Airbnb owners to encourage their clients to book directly through the app and stop taking in clients who text to book randomly even if they are staying for just one night.

"I'm putting this message to let people know that Airbnb's are safe. Not all Airbnb's are unsafe in Nairobi. Book the Airbnb's you are going to be safe, it's going to be fine," Trudy said as she came to the end of her PSA.

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