• The content creator is promoting the Pearl of Africa
• She wrote about her pleasure learning Uganda has game drives

Miss Trudy is in Uganda to promote tourism
Miss Trudy is in Uganda to promote tourism

Miss Trudy and her husband are in Uganda promoting local tourism.The Kenyan content creator has been sharing so much content telling netizens why they need to explore Uganda.

She took a game drive and wrote on Twitter that she never imagined Uganda has the same things people enjoy in Kenya.

Ugandans were not happy and took it online to express their displeasure with her.

Hours after trending, Miss Trudy has come out to defend her remarks that she says have been misunderstood.

"Honestly, I did not know that /Uganda also has game drives. Why?"

She added

"Because whenever we see tourists coming to East Africa let me speak from my experience most of them go to Tanzania and Kenya. It's not a lie, where is the lie? So for me to see game drives happening in Uganda I was shocked.

"I was telling my truth and so I said it"She tweeted

The following comments that drew wrath.

"Uganda has surprised me today! I did not know they also have a game drive in Uganda! I thought that these are only in Kenya & Tanzania We spent the evening watching Antelopes, Giraffes, zebras, warthogs, water bucks, and Hippos. Who would have thought? "She urged for tolerance."Ugandans, Let’s make love. Not war!"

She pleaded innocence reminding people that not a lot is known about some countries.

"I woke up and Im trending on Twitter, like what did I say wrong, people are now insulting me I feel like I am losing my self-confidence, people are coming to the way I look, comparing me to warthogs, I'm like I can't, this is just sad, I can't" she sadly wrote.

Uganda felt like she had undermined their country.

The traveler proudly defended her statement

"I have not hated your country I have not hated anyone, I am just speaking my truth, are we supposed to walk on eggshells.

We are all East Africans we should show each other love, I just had to address it, this is not cool. I am not an enemy of the Ugandan people, and I think people need to change and show more love and stop the hate"

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