Do women have exit plans from their relationships? Maina Kageni

• This information was unveiled by a caller who said she had been planning for her exit for two years

Maina Kageni and Mwalim King'ang'i

Classic 105 presenter Maina Kageni was left in shock on the morning conversation to learn that women actually make exit plans from their relationships before it's even over.

This was unveiled by a caller who said she had been planning for her exit for two years.

"Exit plan yangu imefika leo. I have been planning for the past two years now. So leo namuacha! I only have enough money for me and my child," she said

Maina then advised "Fellas, let me educate you on something. Your woman knows when she is going to leave you. There's no woman who does not know when she's going to leave. Every woman has got an exit plan."

Mwalimu King'ang'i ranted "We've been together for so many years. Unaenda wapi? What happens to the years we've built together? Ladies, do you agree with Maina? And do you have an exit plan?"

Check out fans' reactions on X;

Kijana Ya Kiambu: My frnd was left after staying with his Woman for 7YRS and the reason Been ati The woman laid her head on his chest akasema she heard gals laughing na Hivo ndivo aliwachwa. In short when a woman has decided to leave u nothing can stop her

Ghire Gathirua: Never love too hard. Never love too much We are humans and we get tired and we can always love again ... It's TRUE and that's life....God created mobile humans .we are not static

Hellen Ma Ignatius: No exit plan nowadays if it's not working exiting assap and leaving for Saudi Arabia Atakua akisema alikua na bibi.

Eveangeline Adisa: Because ever step of life you need a plan period hata kama ni wewe wataka kuniacha sinhuwa una plan alaaa 

Loyal albert: To enjoy family success, you must be committed both to the institution of marriage and to your spouse. Even though God has joined you together, you must be committed to one another, so that nothing is allowed to put you asunder..

Elvis Kibet: As long as a man isnt bringing anything on the table, An exit plan always exist in her mind.She might not depart physically from you, but just know she got plan B options! Men strive to maintain them in their circle, but don't carers will always let them away

Jaymo wa jayhud: But I know what makes them to have that plan it's because they don't want to start low.. kama hujakaa poa bro ataeda asubuhi before maina waingie kwa studio

Mtimark: Never beg or go after a lady who has left. As a man as long as you have resources you are able to have another family. Just get another younger wife and move on, and never accept the other one back. Look for money, kuacha inakuwa ngumu.

Patrick Indayi: Women will always have an abundant mindset. Them having an exit plan or leaving never scares men nowadays The ratio of men to women is 1:4 She leaves and she's replaced immediately.

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