Kenyans tell Maina Kageni what caused them to stop dealing with their parents

Piece by: ZENNA ISSA

• What could make a person angry that they didn't want anything to do with their parents to the point that their deaths didn't bother him or her at all?

Maina Kageni and Mwalim King'ang'i

During the morning conversation at Classic 105, Kenya's most loved radio presenters Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King'ang'i had a controversial topic regarding parents.

The question of the day was, 'What could make a person angry that they didn't want anything to do with their parents to the point that their deaths didn't bother him or her at all?'

The morning conversation was inspired by a statement made over the weekend by former Churchill Show comedian Gilbert Wanyonyi, widely known as Mtumishi, who opened up about his strained relationship with his mother.

 The radio presenters wanted their loyal listeners to tell them what would lead them not to communicate with their parents and they didn't disappoint.

Callers were quick to make calls and this is what they had to say regarding the topic.

The first caller said;

"Tulikosana na my biological father na tukaacha kuon gea its been 10 yers since we last spoke. I tried talking it out with him but he didn't want anything to do with me. Sai data nikiwa na shida aje siezi jaribu kumuongelesha haezi nisaidia au kuniongelesha."

The next caller said;

"Tuliacha kuopppngea na mzazi vile nilimaliza highschool, I cant remember what the reason was but tumekaa miaka mingi sana kama hatuongeleshani. I don't care what goes on in their lives and they also don't care what happens to my life. Wakikufa nitaenda kumzika kwa sababu  ni mzazi tu  ut their deaths won't affect me."

Another caller added;

"Mimi nikigrow up, my grandma alikuw anachukia my mum sana sana, kuna time alingocheka vibaya sana tukamwambia aende aone mamake akasema haezi ile siku  ataenda kwa nyanyangu ni kama ako kwa sanduku sijioni and it happened that thing hurt me a lot na our aunts and uncles walituchukua to the point my uncle alitufkuza na akasema the only reason wametuacha tuzike kwa sabau hatuna familia."

The last caller said;

"Mzazi ni barak ata akikukasiuiurisha hiyo ni makosa anajaribu kutoa mimi mamangu anaenda kufikisha miaka 80 on Saturday. Ukiona mzazi amenuuyamza that means there is something you did wrong and you have to apologize for the mistake. Mzazi ni mungu wa pili watu wanafaa kukumbuka hiyo wasieke wazazi unnecessary chuki."

The duo concluded the morning conversation by saying that the day's topic was very sensitive and Maina promised to call the second last caller to help her and her siblings who were chased away by the family.

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