Maina and King'ang'i: Why men felt unappreciated on international men's day

International men's day coincided with world toilet day

Maina Kageni and Mwalim King'ang'i

International men's day was on Sunday 19th November, which coincided with world toilet day. Kenyan men have on Monday morning told radio personality Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King'ang'i that didn't feel appreciated by their woman.

"Ladies a lot men complain that they are not recognized nor appreciated. When it's Mother's Day or Women's day the world goes crazy. You can feel the love," said Maina

He asked "Fellas, I want you to tell ladies what they can do to show that they appreciate you."

Mwalimu King'ang'i gave examples of how to appreciate men in future "Ladies, we want you to appreciate us. Mutusifu na musichoke! Mwambie baba Caro how do you manage to go to work and still take care of us? Unafanya vizuri. Make him feel like a king ata kama hana pesa."

Check out fans' reactions on X;

Mr Overdose: Respect, appreciation, recognition and affection is enough for a man satisfaction to yearn from a wise good woman.

Kijana Ya Kiambu: MAINA Mimi WANGU Jana alipost status ya happy men's day ku appreciate men na akaweka hashtag ya #BM na Mimi majina zangu hazina such letter s 🤣😩😂 nikajua right away that's my deputy na SIO babake alikuwa ama refer to 😂 #MainaAndKingangi .

Governor Kahuho: That kamessage of international men's day is enough for me I do appreciate alot to those small efforts and they really make me feel recognised and appreciated. I don't need gifts The motive behind what someone's confesses is what is what is important

Sam: Hebu tell them we are tired of being celebrated with a pairs of socks and boxers every time.

Jeniffer Kanyiri: Men should know how they behave towards their woman determines how his woman will take him

KIjana ya Kiambu: respect, simu zetu wawachane nazo comparing us with other rich men wawache they appreciate the little efforts we do for them. And they be submissive.

Kienyeji Original: Maina I wished 3 of my friends,they told me hawakuwa ata wanakumbuka ,alafu kingangi want us to lie ,ati I love your kitambi , anyway if you have a responsible man in your life , appreciate him

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