Akothee shows off special cute gift she received on her wedding day (video)

• The musician is healing well and seems to be getting back to her previous best self.

Image: Instagram

On Monday, the famous Kenyan musician and entrepreneur Esther Akoth aka Akothee showed up wearing a short red dress while working with other Kenyans in a tree-planting exercise.

The singer, whose life has been surrounded by many dramas, shared a short video wearing the beautiful dress and revealed that it was one of the many gifts she received on her wedding day earlier this year.

Akothee used the opportunity to thank the person who gifted her the dress and recognized them for coming to her wedding despite how things ended.

"The beautiful girl in a red tiny dress . This was one of my wedding gifts 💋💋💋 Ahsante sanaaa to the gifter hata kama ile mchezo iliisha lakini mimi ni wenu bado Niko," Akothee said in the video she shared on social media.

In the video, she was seen hugging a man with whom she shared a brief conversation before they marched to meet her ex, Nelly Oaks.

This comes just a few weeks after the mother of five confirmed that her short-lived marriage to her husband, Denis 'Omosh' Schweizer, had already ended.

The 43-year-old artist confirmed the breakup of her marriage with Denis Schweizer at the end of October. He confirmed this while sharing a live session with his fans on social media.

During the episode, she confirmed that she ended her short-lived marriage in June while she and Omosh were on their honeymoon.

"I have moved on from those relationships. They don't exist anymore. I want to tell you that I got out of that relationship in June. However, I will not explain in detail," Akothee said.

She added, “I enjoyed my marriage, I enjoyed my wedding. I don't regret anything. I had my wedding on my birthday so if things went wrong, like they did, then I wouldn't have any regrets."

Akothee said he broke up his marriage while they were enjoying their honeymoon after learning several things she did not know before.

At that time, she made it clear that she was single, noting that she would never allow a man to affect her psychologically.

"I am a person who does not force things. When it doesn't work for me, even if it works for you, it doesn't work. The reason I don't stay in toxic relationships that I don't understand is because my money is in my head. When I allow any man to mess with my head, then he disturbs my pocket," she said.

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