Nyimbo zake Tosha - Ally B's family begs DJs & Radio Stations not to play his songs


• Muombeeni lakini msipige miziki yake"- Ally B's brother

•  The famous veteran coast singer was announced dead on 0ctober 31 after high blood pressure and was laid to rest on November 2nd in Mombasa County.

Legendary singer Ally B is dead, Ruto mourns him

The late Ali Khamisi Mwaliguli, Ally B formally known as Ally B who was a famous veteran coast singer was laid to rest in Mombasa on November 2, Thursday.

His last respects were done in an Islamic funeral service before his body was laid at Maziara ya Cobra cemetery in Mishomoroni, Mombasa County.

While his brother was paying his last respects to his brother he said that the entertainment industry including the news anchors, radio presenters and the DJ's should stop playing his songs.

“Tunaomba news anchors, radio presenters, ma-dj, tafadhali naomba, nyimbo za Ally msicheze. Tafadhali naomba,” Ally B’s brother said.

He said this was to let his brother rest in peace and his soul have peace to wherever he will be. He requested those who want to keep his memories should just pray for him.

As per the Muslim belief if a secular musician dies and is an Islam, if their songs are played somewhere especially if they are against morals the musician will be punished in the afterlife.

“Msicheze miziki yake tena. Naomba iwe anayetaka akimkumbuka amtilie dua. Lakini msipige miziki yake, tafadhali. Twaomba,” Ally B's brother continued.

“Nyimbo zake tosha. Muombeeni lakini msipige miziki yake. Mimi kama ndugu yake nimesema,” He concluded.

Ally is known for his famous songs 'Bembea', 'Mkufu Wangu' and many others. He started his music career in the early 2000s but has been silent for some years before his unfortunate death.

The Bembea hitmaker died after a short illness as close sources revealed that he died of high blood pressure at Makadara Hospital in Mombasa.

He was celebrated by the President, Hon. William Ruto and other artists that he worked with like Masauti and many others.

May his soul rest in eternal peace.

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