Cannibal Rubbish Ally B's Claims That He Was Rigged Out (AUDIO)

Piece by: Uncle Chim Tuna

For those of you who do not know, Ally B was vying for political office. He was vying for the MCA seat in Junda Ward, Kisauni on the Jubilee Party ticket.

He was head to head with the ODM party holder, Musumba Raphael Buire who as per the results released, won the seat.

This is of concern to him as he knew he had great support from the people after a post on social media just when he clinched the party ticket during nomination. So he basically felt he'd been rigged out.

And he has said as much.

We reached out to him for a comment but he wasn't forthcoming with one. But Cannibal definitely was. Listen to the audio of our conversation and hear him say Ally B had no real connection with the people of Kisauni: