Bernice Saroni- I flew to America to deliver all my four kids

• Bernice was in the past married to the father of her four kids.

• She is currently in Kenya for a trip.

US-based Kenyan music promoter Bernice Saroni
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Bernice Saroni, cousin to Mutgithi star Samidoh has explained how she landed in the US.Unknown to many her dad was a U.S. citizen. Speaking during an interview with Oga Obinna, she shared

" My dad was a US citizen, I relocated to the US when I reached 12.

How did her kids become US citizens?

I was married and since my then-husband did not want to relocate to the US I moved to Kenya.

Every time I was pregnant I would go back to the US when eight months pregnant, deliver and come back home when my kids were two months old. I did the same for all my kids.?"

Who would fund her trips?

"My ex-husband would, I would be given baby girl treatment, I used to travel business."


In a past social media post Bernice had explained she never chose to get divorced nor did she chose to be a single mother.

Through a social media post, she partly stated

I never chose my status. When I started my marriage, I started to finish it. When I was giving someone four kids, I never thought I would be a single mum one day. I have been paid for dowry, do not judge people just by looking at them."

Mama Boys as she calls herself told the fan that despite her divorce she was married officially and undergone all the traditional marriage rites.

"Maybe you are the type of woman whose dowry is paid after they die just so that they get buried at their husband's home.

I signed a marriage certificate and completed all the traditional ceremonies.

Stop always commenting without thinking.I salute all single mothers and may God renew your strength to take care of your kids.

It takes a lot to bring up kids alone, you do not need a man to survive, You need God and hard work." She strongly stated

Bernice is currently based in the US with her sons.

The whereabouts of her ex-husband are not known by the public as she never talks about him.

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