Bernice Saroni- Never allow the side chick make you feel bad

• Saroni is currently hosting Samidoh's wife Edday and her kids.

• She says women should walk away when disrespected.

Samidoh's wife Edday Nderitu with Bernice Saroni

Bernice Saroni, the woman currently hosting Samidoh's wife Edday Nderitu has asked women to walk away when men disrespect them.

The curvaceous lady through her TikTok advised that not even body insecurities should let you allow a side chick to disrespect you.

"Always choose yourself, no matter how the situation is. No woman is more special than another woman. We are all the same. We have all the body parts. But always choose yourself. Never allow the side chick to make you feel bad because you have added weight."


 "Just because you are from giving birth, or that she has more money than you,".

Or that she is the one spending more time with your hubby, or she is more loved. It is fine. Time yako inaweza kuwa imeisha, you move to the next chapter," she added. 

Saroni says women should understand that their kids need them more than anything else

"Never allow a man to disrespect you with another woman. Never. Juu ya nini? Status? Never. Never allow another woman to be brought into your life by your husband akulilishe machozi, akufanye you feel less of a woman, remember you have kids. 

Your kids need you more than anyone else, wacha nikuambie, utakufa, uzikwe, huyu dem atakuja matanga yako and guess what, atatesa watoto wako (you will dies, get buried and the side chick will come for the funeral and mistreat your children) and there's nothing you could have done, but if you choose yourself, you will take care of your kids," she said.

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