'YY used to kill ka nonsense!' Cartoon Comedian admits


• The famous comic also opened up about auditioning for Churchill Show for 2 years straight.

Cartoon Comedian
Image: Instagram

Cartoon Comedian has explained the tough journey she had to go through before she was able to land a slot on the prestigious Churchill Show.

The beautiful chocolate-skinned rapper and content creator told Oga Obinna on his YouTube show how she had persevered relentlessly to get on it.

She opened up by expressing her admiration for fellow comedian YY and disclosing how she had wanted to follow exactly in his footsteps.

"I had tried auditions for Real Househelps while I was still in school. But it didn't work. So I used to dream about YY. *laughing about her comment* not in that way. I want to be this guy, to talk like him, to dress. to joke. If there was a comedian I looked up to was YY. He literally had what I wanted to be. He used to kill me ka nonsense," she started.

Comedian YY
Image: Instagram

She wanted it so bad that she had auditioned consistently for 2 years. 

"So I went for raw auditions. I DM'ed the Churchill IG page. They replied and gave an appointment to audition."

The auditions were tough and she tried for several years before landing an opportunity. "I auditioned every Tuesday for two years, and I never missed. I loved that persistence," she said about wanting it so bad.

Her first show was aired and she was cyberbullied something that didn't affect the unflappable comic. "I don't give up. I don't lose," she finished triumphantly.

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