Content creator Cartoon Comedian is interested in Andrew Kibe rating her newest song

Cartoon Comedian makes cheeky request to Andrew Kibe

• The beautiful dark-skinned rapper and comedian has just released a new song.

Cartoon Comedian
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Ever since content creator Cartoon Comedian debuted her music career, fans have been eagerly waiting for more music.

She unveiled a new rap song dubbed Letter from Mum' on her YouTube. She claims it is a masterpiece, that speaks to her real life.

The song dubbed 'A letter from Mum' is a flashback of her life. In the lyrics of the song, she indicates that she would not mind fiery Kenyan commentator Andrew Kibe from reacting to it.

This is because Kibe has previously done so and had a few kind words to say. In the song, she tells fans that they should give Kibe 'amark'.

"Mistari nimeandika home, so ni homework, by the time I'm done, utapea Kibe amark."

The song also takes shots at her ex-boyfriends as she tells that she is glad she broke up with them without being left with a child.

"Poverty humbles, but money reveals character, call my mama and tell her b*** is dying, tell her never meant to turn out like my neighbour, so I'm lonely smoking weed is my best friend. I don't regret meeting any of my exes, oh lord no baby with my exes I'm lucky it reminds me of how we grew up in the hood."

Carton from a single mum home, who used to hustle to provide food,. cartoons says this is the reasosn why she works so hard, "Why na do much so much, hii ni stingo huwezi match."

She says she won't apologize for offending anyone, "Ni stingo ya kukushow niko na ego si unajua th emor you know the sadder you become, s unajau nkam na ubaya."

She added she is making all these sacrifices learning from her mum the value of hard work.

"In case you are wondering hii ni bloodline ya mum."

Fans are excited about it;

@archyochola4121 Cartoon is a beast. Her lyrical dexterity, versatility, and prowess is top-notch. Big up.

@johnsonnjagi9770 The song maybe short but I swear you have done something incredible and unique. It's amazing.

@enoquequepha1552 Poverty humbles but money reveals character 👌

@Peterwiz_254 It started as comedy...... now a great talent 👏

@noxiousmashairi Definately a big tune.., kinda different from the norm.. Big up Cartoon

Watch the video below;

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