Cartoon Comedian reveals her status with interesting reason

Cartoon Comedian gets emotional telling Obinna about last relationship

• The content creator was heartbroken in late 2022.

Cartoon Comedian
Image: Instagram

Cartoon Comedian is living her best single life ever. She bravely said that she had no intention to date for a while, all because of her last experience dating. 

She is embracing her single status as she told Oga Obinna on his YouTube channel on September 26th. "I'm free, I'm single, I'm glowing," she happily declared to Obinna.

She is also spotting dresses as opposed to the trousers and big sweatshirts she previously wore.

She explained that her decision to remain single and that the idea of relationships stresses her out. In September 2022, she told her IG fans that she never thought she would be heartbroken. 

"I've been hurting kidogo, after my love breakup scenario. I thought I was a T&lib@n, kumbe mi ni baby girl. I'll be back after nimepona," she wrote.

She told Obinna that her heartbreak was 'deadly' and 'I survived. I am that girl' but she is past that episode in her life.

It has been a couple of months since she broke up with her ex adding that the split was about a lot of things, "Kitu ile mwanaume ule alinifanyia, heh that guy did me bad! I can't even tell, but he did me bad. Lets move on," she sadly asked Obinna who was feeling sorry for her.

She also got emotional thinking about it. "I'm happy, I'm moving on. You know when you move on you start being a lady you know."

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