Fans have been suggesting that the two NTV presenters are dating

NTV hosts Fridah Mwaka and Lofti Matambo address dating rumours

• They were at a function together when they were asked about it.

NTV presenters Lofti Matambo and Fridah Mwaka have long been rumoured to be dating. That's according to incessant rumours peddled by their fans who watch them deliver Swahili news.

The two get along so well, that this is cited as perhaps the reason they may be an item. Lofti and Fridah over the weekend attended an event launching the Le Grand Luo Festival. 

Ahead of that, YouTubers Presenter Ali and Nicholas Kioko urged them to address their fans over the dating rumors.

Lofti giggled and said, "Hata sisi tunatamani," he jokingly said about the matter.

He asked Fridah to chime in, "Answer that question just answer," as Fridah refused saying he had already begun to perfectly answer the curiosity fans have about them.

"No, no, you had already started. Just explain. Pacha wangu. We have been asked this question severally, na mskumo wa aina hiyo. But the truth is ah our relationship right now is we are workmates. Ni wa kazi sasa. Hatuongezi hatupunguzi, but if they come to this festival, we will address the nation," he smiled.


"Lakini ya kiukweli huo mskumo uko na sijui mimi watu wanaona nini , but maybe it's chemistry muingiliano, na mtagusano wetu ni wa kuvutia na lutamaanisha, uko na mashiko," he continued to allege.

"But anything else is for fans to stay happy. That's why you will see when we share pictures, the comments fly about us Lakini tunashukuru an kufurahia because maybe our closeness makes them happy."

Fridah, "Maybe also they dont know that what they love about us is how we work so well together. Me and my partner we work well together and love our job. We are the duo on air that works. Others who are paired don't have that chemistry because of their different personalities.

Me and Lofti we go the extra mile, and maybe we need to tell people why. We have carried this brand and we find it important to build our brand, we go out for dates, we do, we must go out and sit together and talk so that we can know how each one of us is doing," she shared.

"We can't lie, people have seen us out together in this Nairobi. We have been seen drinking coffee together, but I must check up on him. Remember that before work, we are friends, and I must catch up with him, this helps us when we go on TV together and know our different states of mind. We have built that chemistry. But we also get mad at each other," Fridah continued.

Fans have also used their similar dress codes to suggest there is more to the dup than just workmates.

"For those who have ever gone for marriage counseling, they are told there is unity in matching clothes. That's why even in schools, the army has uniforms. So we the duo are partners, we must match," Lofti.

"It also depends if we are for instance doing Mc'eeing jobs. Lazima, we are the duo, sis ni pacha, we must dress alike, and also I have a fashion house. We are also pushing it. Again sometimes we just turn up dressed similarly without having planned it," Fridah.

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