Obinna amazed as woman boldly asks for one-night stand


The radio host had earlier shared a screenshot of another funny message he received from a fan.

Image: Instagram

Comedian and blogger Oga Obinna appeared surprised after a female fan boldly asked him for a one-night stand.

Through his Instagram page, Obinna shared a screenshot of the message he received from the fool who promised him that everyone would go away if he accepted his request for one night of love.

"Obinaaa, just one night stand and then everyone should go," she said.

Responding to the message, the comedian failed to decide whether to delete it, accept the request or block the Instagram user.

However, he admitted that he was impressed by the courage the young woman had. "Wheh!!!不不不不不不 I like to believe in myself!!! Things, however, are three... Do I block you, delete, accept?"

Obinna's move to announce the message attracted various reactions from his fans who follow him on the Instagram page.

They expressed different opinions following the message; Majier49, said; "This dem would be a man, I don't think you would see him like this, it would be one thing, accept it."

Others advised him to accept the lady's offer to have sex for one night.

"Accept her brother ..Just perform!" one user said while another said;

"Mayoooo, you are not listening when I tell you that the line is big, this one has an overlap, arrange a line, mom, you can't just come and pass," other comment messages read,

The former Kiss host had earlier shared a screenshot of another funny message he received from a fan which had read, "Obinna, I love you, when we are dating, I kiss you like a child." it read.

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