Diana tells if she woudl handle the situation logically or snap

Interesting way Diana Marua would react if she ever caught Bahati cheating

• The revelation was made when Diana was speaking to her sister Val on her YouTube page.

Diana Marua and Bahati.
Image: Instagram/Diana Marua

Diana Marua got pensive about a question posed to her about cheating in marriage. She revealed this during a sit down with her sister Val, and was very honest about what she would do if she ever caught Bahati cheating.

"I wouldn't want to pre-empt and say this is what I would do honestly because I don't know what I would do. I'm a very hot-tempered, high-tempered person na mi yangu hu...*snapping fingers* I wouldn't say that this is what I would do, at nimekaa nikuambie hehe nita walk out, heh nita fanya hivi, una understand, it's not something that I've ever thought about."

The confession was made on Diana's YouTube channel which is close to hitting a million subscribers. Thinking further about it after Val challenges her to be honest.

Diana adds, "Basing on what I did before, I was dating somebody and I found them on the act, ok, so basing my nini on that, and you (Val) saw how I reacted, I walked out. I walked out because again if I'm not enough for you why should I come and argue, ama nikuje nianze kuzusha to get a spot to get a space."

Val tells Diana why she asked this question, "Because I know you have been in the same situation before but now this is different, this is your family, this is your life, your kids."

Diana begins to scream covering her face with a pillow.

"I would cry, I would slap him, I don't know. I don't want to put my mind in that space honestly, even to think about it is heartbreaking. So let's not even go there because na feel ni kama hasira inapanda na ni kuthink."

She finished by saying,

"Nawezapatana six feet under. Like tunaweza patana six feet under. Like, let's not even dwell there. I just don't know and it's not anything I've thought about. Because I don't think I've given him a reason to."

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