Thee Pluto has lost his tiktok account that had 977k followers

Things that can get you suspended/banned from TikTok like Thee Pluto

• Thee Pluto has lost his TikTok account which had a following of over 977K people and now he is in regrets. 

• My TikTok account of 977k followers has been banned - Thee Pluto said.

Thee Pluto.
Image: Instagram

Kenyan content creator Thee Pluto has lost his TikTok account to what he terms a silly mistake he never knew about.

The Chief Sanitzer as he is referred to now blames himself for losing his TikTok account which had over 977K followers.

"Hi friends and family it's not likely I share bad news with you guys but today the situation forces me to tell you I feel so bad I can't cry we were told men don't cry," Pluto said.

"My TikTok account of 977k followers has been banned, makosa ikiwa ni I never knew this si a mistake."

"There is something I shared and 3 or 4 friends asked for my number so I replied and said WhatsApp me, then I put my number 0994...hivo, I didnt know you are not supposed to do that you are not supposed to share a contact kwa comment section and it's good that I've learnt"

"It has now been suspended, it has been banned. It was an account that I opened way back in 2018 and I was almost a million" exclaiming about his loss.

next to his white Toyota Prado TXL
Digital content creator/ entrepreneur Thee Pluto next to his white Toyota Prado TXL
Image: Courtesy; Instagram

Here are things you do that can get you suspended or banned from Tiktok.

1. Sharing content that threatens public safety:

Advocating for, directing, or encouraging other people to commit violence is grounds for closure.

2. Sharing explicit content: Content that depicts or promotes exploitation, or nudity in general, or that which glorifies grooming and other harmful activities involving minors violates TikTok’s community guidelines.

3. Posting content that depicts or glorifies self-harm:, that also encourages taking part in risky activities in a “non-professional context” plus also repeatedly sharing content that promotes amateur stunts and other games that might lead to injury can earn you a ban from TikTok.

4. Sharing violent or graphic content:

Don't post content that is “gratuitously shocking” or “glorifies extreme violence or suffering”. This includes gory accident videos or injured persons.

This really is understandable because a lot of minors are very active on the platform.

5. Posting content that promotes illegal activities: Posting or streaming videos that promote illegal activities like physical harm, human exploitation, illegal trade of wildlife, or breaking the law in any way. Also, dont share content that instructs people how to commit illegal activities.

6. Creating or using multiple accounts to evade a ban: TikTok expects you to respect the rules and decisions of the platform, and not to try to circumvent them by creating or using other accounts.

7. Repeatedly violating intellectual property: It's not always illegal to reshare content created by other creators. However, it's important to seek the creator's consent before doing so. TikTok frowns at sharing content that infringes the intellectual property rights of others without their permission.

8. Blackmail/threats: Don't share content that threatens to release another user’s personal information such as their residential address, private email address, private phone number, bank statements, or passport number.

9. Impersonation: Dont open a TikTok account with someone else’s details with the intention of misleading people.

10. Spam and misinformationThis is all forms of spamming and sharing content that promotes fake engagement like buying or selling of views, likes, followers, shares, or comments.

It also includes sharing misinformation that could potentially cause harm to an individual or a community.

For those who want to read more, check out the Apps website on the Tiktok Community Guidelines page.

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