Reason Thee Pluto will never get a DNA test for his 2 daughters

The content creator is frequently being urged to get a paternity test by Andrew Kibe

Piece by: Maureen Waruinge

• Pluto has two daughters with two different women.

felicity and thee pluto address babay mama claims
felicity and thee pluto address babay mama claims

It has not been easy trying to keep Thee Pluto's daughter Baby Z from being seen by the public. The 8th-month baby is the apple of her family's eye, and finally, we got to see her on Friday, July 7.

Thee Pluto is now fulfilling a promise made to do a surprise by revealing his daughter's face to the public, saying he bought for his daughter a piece of land in the Coast region.

The couple did not plan to reveal her face the way it went down. "We had not planned to do it that soon," explained Felicity on his YouTube.

The Sunday, July 9th video shows the couple talking about the after-baby face reveal.

"Najua io face reveal imewashika offguard. I want to gift Zoey I want to gift my daughter something. So kuna gift number 1, number 2, maybe they will reach ten," he confessed.

Pluto has been in a prayerful situation about it. "Each day you should thank God for the gift of life, thank God for the little you have kwasababu kuna wasee wengine wanalala nja au sio?"

The couple is grateful for the wonderful congratulatory remarks. He explained why they did it, hinting it could be to forestall paparazzi

"Sometimes when I go to a supermarket I have to cover her up so that people don't see her. Ile tuu kumficha because you know in this Kenya utatrendishwa bure."

He said fans could take pictures and share those publicly, "Sometimes we need to go out, to go for picnics and you know there are people and all that, so kuna ka pressure fulani we just have to reveal her face at this stage so that hiyo pressure yote inaeza shuka."

About DNA demands, Thee Pluto said, "Mnaeza pea msee pressure ati uende ukafanya DNA of which ni sijui utaieleza aje, sijui ka unaget.

Let's assume nimefanya, ikue nani sio wangu. I have Sky, I have Zoey let's assume I do all the DNA's in the world isemeke, 'Eh Sky Zoey si watoto wa Pluto.' What happens next? Will I stop supporting them, I appreciate Mama Zoey for not succumbing to that pressure."

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