Mature Esther Musila responds after Guardian Angel was called her 'houseboy' by troll


• The couple always face critics who dislike the age difference between the two

Esther Musila with Guardian Angel
Image: Instagram

Every woman who truly cares for her husband will prioritize protecting him and fighting to keep their marriage together despite external pressures.

One of those kinds of women is Esther Musila, who does not yield to anyone who seeks to bring down her husband, Guardian Angel.

In a recent TikTok video, Musila was forced to choose between peace and battle with a user who called the singer a housemaid for the affluent woman, humiliating him.

The mother, 52, responded in the comments section to a supporter who mockingly called the Guardian, who is 20 years younger than her, a "houseboy."

The TikTok user appeared to be insulting Musila by saying that Guardian Angel is similar to Musila's maid and that he was done with household chores.

"The domestic maid has now finished cooking and is getting ready to wash," the man wrote.

In her response, Musila said that this was just hatred. "I have already told my people, hatred and jealousy, the next level is for you to become a witch. Please reduce the hatred…” Musila replied.

Many supporters complimented Esther for standing up for her husband.

The mother of three has shown that she is not scared to stand up for the love of her life and her family despite the criticism they have faced since they started dating by being disinterested and unrepentant.

The public is always interested in the couple's love story, and their age difference typically garners attention.

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